Writing can be a lonely business. And the task of forging a career in this most solitary of occupations can seem all the more daunting if you are also juggling health issues.

We need more discussion space for writers managing ill health, disability or the stresses of being a carer. Health problems are often seen as taboo, and it’s time we encouraged more open dialogue about some of the challenges we face.

The publishing industry is becoming better at helping people overcome common barriers. But much work remains to be done, and more opportunities are needed where we, as writers, support one other.

This site emerged as a group of authors prepared for an appearance at the National Writers’ Conference, run by literature development agency Writing West Midlands. Their panel  – Overcoming Obstacles: Health and Wellbeing for Writers – shared insights and practical tips on managing your writing career alongside ill health or disability.

In preparation for the conference, George Bastow, Maisie ChanLouise Palfreyman and Jane Roberts decided to exchange ideas in blog form, exploring their collective experience.

They are hoping to broaden the debate and invite your contributions, in what will be an ongoing discussion…



To Hope

This piece is dedicated to all those facing struggles at this or any moment in time. Hope is the most powerful currency, more valuable than any form of money. It is the collateral which we invest in ourselves, our dreams and our goals so that it will pay dividends in our futures. Hope is like …

WOW-CON an Online Writing Conference for Children’s Writers by #WriteMentor

Stuart White, a Glasgow writer of YA and Middle-grade began a free summer mentoring programme for children’s writers from around the world. He called it #WriteMentor. The scheme paired agented writers with those looking to submit their manuscripts to agents. The ‘pay it forward’ mentally was attractive to those who wanted to gain experience as …

Pictures at an Exhibition: how works of art can inspire writers

I’m running a FREE summer workshop at the Royal Birmingham Society of Artists on August 3 which aims to offer writers new inspiration for their fiction and poetry. Held at the RBSA Portrait Prize Exhibition the class will explore how paintings can provide a starting point for new writing. The gallery’s commitment to offering free places …

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We’d love to hear from you if you are a writer with an idea for a guest blog, a professional working in the field of wellbeing, a disability rights campaigner with a perspective on creative writing, or a publisher seeking to promote inclusive opportunities for writers…

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