To Hope

This piece is dedicated to all those facing struggles at this or any moment in time.

Hope is the most powerful currency, more valuable than any form of money. It is the collateral which we invest in ourselves, our dreams and our goals so that it will pay dividends in our futures.

Hope is like the blazing sun concealed behind the storm clouds on grey gloomy days, it may be impossible to see but it is always there, fulfilling its vital purpose.

Hope is like the moon on a starless night, a beacon of positivity shining through the all-encompassing blackness of sorrow.

Hope is to melancholy what antibiotics are to an infection; it combats sadness and worry, flushing them out of our systems with its rejuvenating power. It is the universal remedy.

Hope is the repairer of broken hearts and the healer of tortured souls. When cruel circumstance batters our emotions and ferocious fate takes an agonising twist, it is hope that reminds us love still exists both within and around us.

Hope is the life-raft that we cling to when cast adrift in the ocean of despair, it may not be the speediest or most glamorous of vessels but if we hang on tight and paddle furiously it will take us to the shoreline.

Hope is a lantern in the dark caverns of our minds. When fear and despondency creep in and begin to erode our defences, it is Hope’s warm, reliable luminance that guides our way out.

Hope is the foundation upon which all endeavours are built; it allows us to use the tools of ambition to start constructing the futures we wish for. Hope fans the flames of resilience and soothes the ache of misfortune; it is both collaborator and confidante.

Hope is omnipresent and unseen, its intangibility can be misleading, but hope is like the air we breathe, although we cannot touch it, we can feel it sustaining us with each inhale and every exhale.

Hope transforms amateurs into masters; it is the energy that generates the first efforts of all fledgling practitioners in every industry. From barristers to bricklayers, scientists to singers and poets to pastry chefs, every career grows from a seed of hope.

Hope hides among the fragments of shattered dreams, it lies somewhere in the remnants of what we fear is unfixable. But if we sift through the shards and find it, hope is the adhesive that will bind them back together.

Hope is the sword in our hands and the armour on our bodies. It is the weaponry and protection which we take into battle against the demons of fear, sadness, self-doubt and negativity. With the aid of Hope we can slay any foe.

Hope puts the glint back into our pained eyes, it absorbs every tear and tailors for us new smiles to fit our anguished faces.

Hope is the possibility to make tomorrow better than today and the opportunity to rectify yesterday’s mistakes with the arrival of a bright new dawn.

Hope is many things but it is never lost.